Revealing interesting things at Bai Da- Da Nang

Do you intend to travel to Da Nang but do not know where is more interesting than the familiar locations such as Ba Na Hills, Da Nang Golden Bridge, Hoi An Ancient Town ? Are you a person who likes finding the fresh, wild nature and want to find a new feeling? Right now, Focus Asia Travel will take you to a place that meets all your need , which is Bai Da- Da Nang

A corner of Bai Da

Where is Bai Da?

Bai Da, also known as Obama‘s Rock, is a pristine rocky beach belonging to Son Tra peninsula, Da Nang city. 

Bai Da - Da Nang tourist destination

How to move to Bai Da

To get here you can travel by car and motorbike with two main routes: 

  • Hoang Sa sea road: At a junction of Son Tra resort, you will see a signboard.
  • Starting from the foot of Linh Ung mountain, following the Hoang Sa street to arrive.

Travel Bai Da - Da Nang

However, going by motorbike is the most reasonable choice to have a very wonderful experience due to its easily observe the beautiful scenery along the way. More importantly, you can actively stop to rest, take pictures of the beautiful scenery and enjoy the fresh air. 

Review Bai Da beach

The interesting thing about this beach which makes anyone who comes here “infatuated” is the crystal- clear water . The sea water on Obama Beach is almost clear year round. Sometimes you can see the bottom of the coral reefs hidden in the deep water, looking extremely magical and attractive. 

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The most special feature here is the stone exactly as its name suggests. Large black rocks alternating, or stacked, create very fancy scenes. In the rocky area, there are many small lakes separating the corners of the rocky beach from each other.

Ticket price for Obama rocks?

Surely you are wondering if it costs much money to this beach? The answer is ” no “! However, you will have to spend a little money for eating, drinking and relaxation. 

Activities at Bai Da beach

The beautiful scene that seems to be only in the picture: with clear blue water and many beautiful trees and windmills is the reason why Obama Stone Da Nang is chosen by many young people who are passionate to explore. 

check-in at Da beach

Young people are spoiled for checking in virtual live

Wedding photography at Da beach

Many couples choose this place to record the happiest and most important moments of their lives

Around the beach are huts built to serve food and entertainment activities.

Group tour at Bai Da

The rent for a hut ranging from 300k – 1,200k depending on the number of people staying (the smallest hut for 4 people is 300.000 VND).

In addition, coming to Da Nang Beach, you can unleash many exciting and thrilling sports activities held in this rocky area such as: high-speed canoe, watering motorbike, canoe or boat, diving and seeing coral…

Snorkeling at Da beach

Diving and seeing beautiful corals

With soft stretch of sand on the edge of clear blue water, this place is very suitable for people to organize party activities , campfires, or collective games, etc. High-speed canoes prices from 400.000 VND to 600.000 VND / person

Activities at Da beach

What are you waiting for without exploring Da Nang beach right now. You will have an extremely interesting travel trip with your friends and family.