Rainy Day Activities in Hoi An

Hoi An is one of the most calming pedestrian-friendly towns of Vietnam, home to lantern-lit avenues, ancient Shophouses, Buddhist temples, and excellent shops. From September until January the city’s annual monsoon will bring tons of rain to the region every day, with showers. However, on a dull rainy day in the UNESCO-listed city, the traveler can still enjoy a lot of activity.

We also made several tips about activities to be done in Hoi An while it is raining in order to make the most of your vacations in spite of adverse weather conditions, either visiting the local art scene or upgrading your culinary skills.

Spend a Few Hours at a Café or Bar

Make your way to the café or bar in Hoi A Old Town for a few hours of rest if downpours obstruct your visiting plans. You will enjoy local and western cuisine, French pastries, house-made ice cream, and Vietname coffees in several characteristic coffee shops, furnished with the decor of a colonial era, with the terraces overlooking the place. In the evening, on the river sidebars and pubs deliver fun, live entertainment, and heavy booze before 00:00. Enticing discounts are offered.

Go for a Spa Session

Instead of confining yourself in the comfort of your hotel room, why not indulge in a pampering facial or massage during a rainy day in Hoi An? The majority of hotels and resorts offer a wide range of spa treatments, but you might discover better pampering at a significantly lower price at one of the local day spas. There are a few to choose from, most of which are within walking distance of Hoi An Riverside, and it’s also worth checking out what discounts are available as most of them offer at least 10% off during their quieter hours

Join A Cooking Class

Hoi An is a perfect place to learn how to prepare true Vietnamese food in the course of half a day, full-day, or night. Famous dining in Old Town, including Morning Glory, Red Bridge, and Secret Garden, offers its own cooking courses to teach professionals straight away. Visiting the local market for fresh produce if the temperature permits also include several courses. With so many places to try your hand at flavoring, you will find that most courses are at a very affordable cost. It is a pleasure to learn.

Get a Tailor-made Suit or Dress

In addition to its historical sights, many visitors visit Hoi An because of its various shopping opportunities and its well-known inexpensive tailor. At the best of all, both French and English are spoken by these local tailors to enable you to select from a large number of catalogs and to match your suit or dress to your own size and size. The majority of custom-made clothes can be customized within 24 hours, but if time is needed, these shops can also provide delivery to the hotel.

Try a Vietnamese Painting or Lantern-Making Class

The bulk of the shops in Hoi An appear to be non-profit organizations, where you can also attend a typical Vietnamese painting or a lightbox class at fair rates. Hoi An Old Town offers a half-day VND 720 000 class, consisting of two seminars, free Vietnamese tea, and the chance to hear about the Lifestart Foundation’s vulnerable initiatives. The Lifestart Foundation workshop is open to everyone.