Nam Du Islands travel guide — A summer destination of paradise in Vietnam

Nam Du archipelago, located entirely in the Gulf of Thailand in Kien Giang province, has become a popular tourist destination due to its vast blue water and natural beauty.

Chet beach in dawn
Chet beach in dawn. Source:

Chet beach before sunrise is a fascinating view. This is the main port of Cu Tron Island, the largest island in the Nam Du archipelago, with numerous tourist-friendly homes, businesses, restaurants, and hotels.

Ngu beach
Ngu beach. Source:

Ngu Beach is about 1 km away from Chet Beach. It is well-known for the legend of Gia Long King passing by and staying here. There are mostly fishermen and a few small reefs here, as on Chet Beach. Tourists, on the other hand, haven’t come here to swim or rest.

View of Cu Tron sea from Nam Du's lighthouse
View of Cu Tron sea from Nam Du’s lighthouse. Source:

When the Sun rises in the east, the water surrounding Cu Tron glows a brilliant blue. Tourists may stop for a respite on the route up to Nam Du’s lighthouse, giving them a complete view of the gorgeous surroundings.

Men beach - The most beautiful of Cu Tron
Men beach – The most beautiful of Cu Tron. Source:

Men beach is 4 kilometers away from Ngu beach, Cu Tron Island’s most gorgeous and picturesque beach. Men beach, which is surrounded by a deep sea to the mainland, is fairly quiet and excellent for unrestricted bathing.

Rocky reef - Men beach
Rocky reef – Men beach. Source:

Men beach is a bay with a beautiful blue sea. It has a total size of 600 m2 and is entirely located in the Gulf of Thailand.

Boat in Men beach
Standstill-lying boat in Men beach. Source:

A lot of boats that have come to a halt add to the spectacle of Men beach. The landscape here is like an amazing painting of untamed and serene natural beauty, with ancient boats, sand, rock, and pristine blue sea.

Mau Island - Most picturesque scenery of Nam Du
Mau island – The most picturesque scenery of Nam Du. Source:

Visitors continue their journey to other islands after leaving Cu Tron Island. The first should be Mau Island, which is known for inspiring visitors with its most gorgeous landscape, Nam Du.

Mau locals transporting goods
Mau locals are transporting goods. Source:

Locals on Mau Island must transfer their products from the main island. Furthermore, because it is difficult for youngsters to sail to Cu Tron to attend school, many of them drop out or are unable to attend lessons.

Nam Du's sea beauty
Nam Du’s sea beauty. Source:

During the dry season, Nam Du’s temperature remains high with blue skies, making Nam Du a tourist’s paradise. The best time to visit is from December to March each year, when the weather is beautiful and the water is quiet.

Hai Bo Dap Island
Hai Bo Dap Island. Source:

Before departing this sanctuary, a diving excursion to the coral reefs of Hai Bo Dap island would be ideal – the most magnificent coral reefs of Nam Du, with numerous schools of beautiful tropical fish swimming about.