Mua Cave in Ninh Binh

Mua Cave in Ninh Binh is a tourist attraction located in the heart of the Trang An scenic complex. Mua Cave is an 800m2 deep cave at the foot of Mua Mountain that has the appearance of a huge bell face upside down. This tourist attraction is located in the village of Khe Dau Ha, Ninh Xuan commune, Hoa Lu county, Ninh Binh province. Mua Cave was ranked as one of the top five destinations in Ninh Binh on TripAdvisor, the world’s most popular travel website, in August 2018.

Legend Of Ninh Binh Mua Cave

Mua Cave is a strangely named location synonymous with ancient legends. According to legend, when King Tran Thai Tong returned to Hoa Lu to create Am Thai Vi, he often came to this mountain cave to listen to the concubines and beautiful women who sang and danced. As a result, locals refer to this location as Mua Cave. Mua Caves Ecolodge is the name of the English Dance Cave.

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Furthermore, Ninh Binh Mua Cave is a location synonymous with national heritage. During the resistance wars to defend the land, the foot of Dance Mountain also served as a “mobile hospital” for the care and shelter of wounded soldiers and resistance fighters.

Explore Mua Cave Architecture

When you visit Ninh Binh Mua Cave, you can test your stamina by climbing 486 stone steps to the top of the mountain. The stairwell’s two sides are ornately painted with dragon motifs and phoenixes carved sharply and beautifully in Tran style. The white stone road leading to the top can be seen distinctly from the mountain’s base.

Since the path to the top of Mua mount is constructed in the style of the citadel, it is also known as the “Great Wall of Vietnam.” This appeals to young people who like exploring and exercising.
On top of the peak, there is also a statue of Quan Am Bodhisattva with his eyes fixed on the ground. The monument, with its calm presence and panoramic view of the ancient capital’s territory, evokes indescribable emotions.

Beauty Of Ninh Binh Mua Cave

After climbing nearly 500 stairs to the peak of the mountain, you can see the whole natural beauty of the Tam Coc region from here. The vast, green rice fields can be seen from the top of Trang An Mua Cave. Traveling during the ripe rice season, in fact, will leave you totally stunned by the “golden season” scene at the foot of the mountain after crossing the line of stairs leading to the top of the mountain.

Furthermore, standing on top of the mountain, you will not be overcome by the vastness of the mountain space. There are magnificent granite cliffs standing up with varying looks to add to the poetic surroundings.

When taking pictures at Mua Cave, you can’t help but notice the skyscraper perched at the highest point on Mua Mountain’s summit. The breathtaking natural landscape here will “offset” nearly 500 of your moves, making it very strenuous. The trip not only provides you with breathtaking photographs of Mua Cave, but it also provides you with an incredible experience.

Trang An Mua Cave is an ecotourism attraction that combines climbing with tranquility and charm. Despite the vast number of tourists who come, the facilities for travelers are very orderly and not scrambled or jostled. Domestic and international tourists who visit Ninh Binh are extremely delighted and adore this tourist destination.