Misty Forest Coffee in Dalat

Nowadays in Da Lat, there is a place that combines both a cafe and a homestay with the main tone of pure white. Focus Asia Travel will show you Misty Forest Coffee & Homestay- one of the specialities of Dalat. Let’s get started!

misty forest coffee

Misty Forest Coffee is located at 124 Bach Dang, ward 7, Da Lat city. With a design like “Northern Europe in the cold season to Dalat”, Misty Forest has received a lot of praise from both domestic and foreign visitors.

Misty Forest is a bungalow with white, blue, and silver main colors, making it look like a “snow house” in the middle of summer. Although the color is cold, Misty Forest fully exploits its strengths, becoming the “Top Ten” coffee shop of Dalat.

Misty forest cafe in Dalat

The interior of Misty Forest is carefully invested in every small details including flashing lights, feathered carpet patterns, cloth tents, blankets and blankets. Each small tent, drinking table, the items in the restaurant are Bohemian style.

misty forest coffee

In particular, the drinks here are quite delicious and beautiful whose prices ranges from 10,000 to 30,000 VND. The shop decorated a lot of handmade products from the inherent materials of Da Lat. 

Above is the useful information about Misty Forest Coffee . If you are looking for a resort and have a cup of hot coffee, this will be an unforgettable experience. Hope to meet you at Misty Forest Coffee!