Lebua Sky Bar review — Experience one of the best rooftop bars at Sirocco & Sky Bar Lebua Bangkok

Bangkok, like other major Asian cities such as Singapore and Hong Kong, has a plethora of spectacular rooftop bars (sky bars on high-rise buildings). When visiting this city, you should visit the sky bar at least once because of the city’s shimmering, magnificent scenery at night. There are several rooftop bars in Bangkok, such as the Vertigo and Moon Bar on the Banyan Tree Bangkok Hotel and the Octave rooftop bar at the Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit, but on my most recent visit, I chose Sky Bar – Lebua because it is a well-known rooftop bar with a view of the legendary Chao Phraya River, a 360-degree view of the city, and drinks at an equally luxurious price. So, are you looking for one of Bangkok’s best rooftop bars? Let’s take a look at our Lebua Sky Bar review (Lebua Sky Bar Bangkok reviews, Sky Bar Bangkok review) – one of Bangkok’s top and best sky bars: From price to dress code to drinks, Sirocco & Sky Bar Lebua Bangkok (Sky Bar Rooftop Lebua Bangkok, Sky Bar Lebua Tower Bangkok) have it all… to discover the answer!

sky bar lebua state tower,best sky bar bangkok (1)
Panoramic Sky Bar – Lebua at State Tower.


sky bar lebua state tower,best sky bar bangkok (1)
| sky bar lebua tower bangkok


sky bar lebua state tower,best sky bar bangkok (1)
Sparkling at night.

Lebua Sky Bar review: The location of Sky Bar Lebua Bangkok (Sky Bar Lebua Tower Bangkok)

Panoramic view of Sky Bar Bangkok

The Sky Bar Bangkok, located on the 64th floor of the building – The Dome Hotel at Lebua State Tower – is one of the highest bars in the world and was once used as the setting for the famous film The Hangover II. Before the trip, I did a lot of research on this bar, and the reviews on Tripadvisor all say the same thing: Beautiful view, but the drinks are too expensive.

To get to the Sky Bar Rooftop Lebua Bangkok, take a taxi or songthaew to the Lebua State Tower, which is located at the end of Silom Road near the Chao Phraya River. If you take the BTS, get off at Saphan Taksin station (or take the Chao Phraya river boat to Sathorn pier) and walk 5 minutes. When you enter the building and proceed to the elevator area, Sky Bar staff will be waiting to pick you up and take you to the 64th floor. Then, a few beautiful young waiters will greet you right at the elevator to guide you and make sure you’re dressed properly.

State Tower and the Dome located on its top.


Sunset at Lebua

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the dome lebua bangkok sky bar
Sky Bar Rooftop at Lebua on the 64d floor has a stunning view.

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Bar area.


Directions to Sky Bar Lebua Bangkok

Sky Bar Lebua Dress Code

Because the Sky Bar Lebua Bangkok is a luxurious and polite establishment, they have a very strict dress code. Although I already knew this, when I arrived here, I was still subjective, so I wore a pair of short knee-length shorts and was gently explained by the lovely receptionist and invited… home to change clothes (request wearing long pants). Despite my explanation, she still refused to let me in, so I had to go downstairs to find a clothing store (actually a Chinese market) to buy a pair of temporary long pants for 350B to 250B.

| sky bar lebua dress code

The Sky Bar’s dress code prohibits the wearing of slippers, flip-flops (sandals are acceptable), sportswear, and shorts. Knee-length skirts are acceptable for women. Another thing is that if you bring a large backpack, you are not allowed to bring it to the bar, and if you want to take pictures with a tripod, you must leave it at the front desk.

sky bar lebua dress code

Dress code notes

When you reach the 64th floor, you will notice a large restaurant called Sirocco; if you want to dine here, you will usually need to make a reservation. Going left will take you to the Sky Bar, a rooftop bar with a panoramic view of the city. The Sky Bar appears to be divided into three distinct areas: a small area with a live music band, an area near the entrance, and a step down area with the bar. You can sit at a table or stand by the bar and order a drink in the area below. Normally, photography is only permitted in the entrance area.

sky bar lebua state tower,best sky bar bangkok (1)

sky bar lebua state tower,best sky bar bangkok (1)
One of the most famous sky bars in Bangkok.

150B for this water bottle and 350B watermelon for smoothie cup, not included 17% tax.

Sky Bar Lebua Bangkok Price

Mineral water is 150B without tax (7 percent tax and 10% service charge), juices or smoothies are around 350B without tax and fee, and beer is around 400 – 500B. In addition, all types of wines and cocktails are available for a thousand Baht. We chose a bottle of water and a glass of watermelon juice, drank and felt so cool, mainly relaxing and admiring the view of the city from above.

Drinks menu and its price


| sirocco & sky bar lebua bangkok

| sirocco & sky bar lebua bangkok

Aside from that, the wind here is so strong that it feels like it could blow away at any moment. When I stood near the entrance to take pictures, there were a few next tables, the staff who had to run out to help the guests because the tables fell, as long as the guest brought a glass of water away from the table for a minute without notice, the table would fall.

Bangkok seen from the Sky Bar | lebua sky bar review


View down the Chao Phraya River | sky bar lebua bangkok


The evening is very crowded


Sky Bar Lebua Bangkok

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Lebua Sky Bar review: Overall feeling of Sky Bar Lebua Bangkok

The first thing is that the guests who come up here are very crowded, the reserved-tables are always full and the standing areas like the bar and near the entrance sometimes I can not take photos because too crowded of guests stand too close to the railing. There are always a few polite staff members standing up to remind guests like bodyguards, feeling not very natural, perhaps they want to avoid the guests coming up with the main purpose of taking photos like me that affect the comfort of other customers who spend a lot of money.

| lebua sky bar review

I noticed that quite a few customers who came up here did not order any drinks, the staff asked them to order they also ignored, and after a while enjoying the wonderful scenery, they went down, so whoever wants to come here for free is possible, just need to be a little “shameless”! –

| lebua sky bar review

From the Sky Bar, you can see a panoramic view of Bangkok, especially at sunset, and when the city lights up, it sparkles just like any other modern city in the world. The Taksin Bridge, which spans the Chao Phraya River and serves as Bangkok’s lifeline, is directly below. When you come here, feel free to take a photo and check-in on Instagram or Facebook; the majority of the visitors are boys and girls, but Westerners also come here to take selfies and check-in!

sky bar lebua state tower,best sky bar bangkok (1)

sky bar lebua state tower,best sky bar bangkok (1)
| lebua sky bar review

sky bar lebua state tower,best sky bar bangkok (1)

The area around the Sky Bar Lebua Tower Bangkok

In fact, the area around Sky Bar is mostly made up of large hotels like Shangri La, Grand Sathorn,… but there aren’t many dining options, markets, or bustling shopping malls like Platinum, Siam,… Right at the foot of Sky Bar, there are a few small alleys selling street food, but there isn’t much of it and it’s fine to eat. If you come here, keep in mind that every Monday they will close for cleaning, and there will be no food stalls open. Trying to go about 200m further to the foot of Taksin Bridge, where many eateries are open all day. Furthermore, if you enjoy shopping, you can go through a small market that I rushed to buy a long pants to access the Sky Bar, which is located nearby on Si Wang Road.

Cityscape taken from Sky Bar – Lebua

Further information

Sirocco Sky Bar @ Lebua State Tower
Address: 1055 Si Lom, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Opening hours: Daily 6pm-1am
Phone: +66 26249555
Website: www.lebua.com

The Chao Phraya River