Impressive tourist attractions in Hue

The image of a Hue girl wearing an ao dai always impresses visitors when coming to this land. Besides, Hue also attracts people’ attention by a wide range of tourist attractions. Let’s follow Focus Asia Travel to find out more information about all of them right now!

Hue Citadel

Located right on the banks of the romantic Perfume River, Hue Dai Noi is a complex of cultural relics recognized as world cultural relics. The Imperial Citadel of Hue includes the Imperial City and the Forbidden City, surrounded by the Imperial City area.

Hue tourist destination

Visiting the complex of Hue Dai Noi relic, one of the most famous Hue tourist destinations, you may admire the magnificent palaces and giant temples bearing bold architecture of the Nguyen Dynasty. Not only have the opportunity to learn more about history, you will also be spoiled for taking pictures in this unique architectural space.

More particularly, Hue Citadel is officially opened its doors to welcome visitors at night from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. This is an opportunity for you to take beautiful pictures next to brilliant works. You can book hotels near Dai Noi for your travel convenience.

Thien Mu Pagoda

Located on Ha Khe hill, left bank of Huong river, Thien Mu pagoda appears in the middle of a romantic natural space full of lyrical. Furthermore, it is inspired many poetic works of art.

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Thien Mu Pagoda

From above, the towering Phuoc Duyen tower stands  like a symbol that everyone will remember when coming to this ancient capital city. Coming to Thien Mu Pagoda , listening to the sound of the pagoda resonating by the ear in the poetic natural scenery, you will find your heart softer and more relaxed.

Huong river

As a symbol and pride of the people of Hue, Huong River is gentle like a long, soft silk strip in the middle of a dreamland. Huong River is emerald green, clear as reflecting the poetic city scene under the calm water and sparkles in the sun.

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Huong river

Many artists, while on a yacht to admire the peaceful Huong Giang and listen to traditional Hue folk songs, have found abundant inspiration to compose immortal poems. You can immediately choose a hotel along the Huong River to enjoy a full trip.

Vong Canh Hill

Just 43m high, the hill is located 7km from Hue centre, with its foot lying next to slowly flowing Perfume River. On the way to Tu Duc Tomb, there’s a hill called Vong Canh, which at first seems to be quite normal amongst other famous sightseeing spots of Hue. However, tourists shouldn’t miss this spot, for it has been regarded as the best place to catch a panoramic view of the Perfume River. This can easily be seen from its name: “Vong” means watch, observe; “Canh” means scene.

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Hill scene

Ngu Binh Mountain

Ngu Binh Mountain is also known as Ngu Mountain or Hon Mo or Bang mountain with 103 meters height on the right of the bank of Huong river. It is far about 4 kilometers from Hue city to the south. Two sides of this mountain have two small mountains: Ta Bat Son and Huu Bat Son. The Nguyen royal dynasty decided Hue palace.

Along with Huong River, Ngu Binh Mountain is the gift of the Nature, blend with Huong river to become the symbol of Hue nature. People usually call Hue as the area of Huong River- Ngu Mountain.

From many years ago, tourists come here and enjoy the spectacular scenery. On the nice day, from the Ngu Binh Mountain, you can contemplate the whole city with sparking palace, ancient pagoda and Huong River. Seeing to the East, white sand-bank of Thuan An beach along with the blue of Dong Sea creates the beautiful picture that people will have unforgettable impression.

Vong Canh- one of famous landscapes in Hue is far about some kilometers from Ngu Binh Mountain. From the Vong Canh hill, you can see the fruit-trees such as: longan, Areca catechu, orange… blend with the roof of temple, pagoda, tombs… Huong River is as a band silk. Tourists have opportunities in the morning or sunset; they will feel poetic beauty of a hill, a river of Hue.
The beauty of Ngu Mountain is not only about feng shui but also close to the Hue. People can contemplate the beauty of Hue palace, listen the voice of another world.

Over a half of century, almost trees in the mountain do not exist. In the recent year, Ngu Mountain survives. From a distance, tourists can see the pine forest in the mountain, at the foot of mountain, we can hear about songs which stem from pine. On the occasion of Lunar New Year, woman and men come here and take some things to have lucky.

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Trang Tien Bridge

Known as one of the most beautiful bridges in Hue in particular and in Vietnam in general, Trang Tien Bridge is the witness of history of the country passing the periods of the war. Tourists traveling to Hue do not miss the chance to visit and admire the beauty of the bridge.

Trang Tien Bridge joins north and south of Perfume River in Hue. The north side of the bridge belongs to Phu Hoa District and the south belongs to Phu Hoi District, right in the center of hue city in Vietnam. Trang Tien Bridge was made of bamboo crossing over Perfume River. The bridge was designed and built following Eiffel Construction Company and Gustave Eiffel was the one who designed it.
Trang Tien Bridge

Trang Tien Bridge

Hon Chen Palace

The Hon Chen Temple was the place in the old days the ancient Cham people worshipped the cult of Po Nagar Goddess. After that, the Vietnamese, according to Thien Tien Thanh Giao continued to pray as the name called the Heaven Goddess Y A Na. In acceptance of a unique religious monument like Hon Chen palace, Vietnamese people were secure in the harmony of Cham belief. It stated that Vietnamese and Cham people share the resemblance in culture. Spiritedly, this is a kind of religious association or localization.

Besides, Hon Chen temple is an attractive destination for tourists due to its charming beauty of landscapes. The architecture of the temple, combined with the scenery of the Huong River, villages, mountains creates a more poetic and romantic view. Hon Chen is located at a beautiful site seated on the slope of the mountain Ngoc Tran (Jade-cup) with sheer cliff and reflecting in deep blue water of the Huong River. Hon Chen Temple also plays an essential role for Hue people’s spiritual life and is the only temple in combination between court ceremony etiquette and fork beliefs; between festivals and sorcery; between religious culture and superstition.

Last but not least, Hon Chen or Jade-cup temple is also the first-rate architectural art in the late 19th century. Hon Chen Palace has more than ten architectural works, located on Ngoc Tran mountain, next to the Huong River. Minh Kinh Dai is not only the leading architecture but also the most meaningful work. Minh Kinh Dai is the location where the ceremony occurred in Hon Chen temple.

Thien An Hill – Thuy Tien Lake

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Exploring Ho Thuy Tien Park is an exciting experience for every visitor to Hue. Thuy Tien Lake is located on the shady green hills of Thien An. If Ho Thuy Tien has a quiet, poetic and romantic beauty, Thien An Hill has the appearance of a “miniature Dalat” because it is covered with green pine trees. All blend together that gives visitors a sense of lightness and relaxation in a peaceful and spacious space.

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Bach Ma Mountain

Moving away from the center of Hue city, Bach Ma Mountain is the natural boundary between Thua Thien Hue province and Da Nang in Bach Ma National Park with majestic waterfalls and a diversity of rare flora and fauna. Conquering Bach Ma mountain, you will admire the panoramic view of Tuy Van mountain, Hai Van pass and the splendid landscape of Hue city in sight.

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Lang Co beach

Not only the ancient historical and cultural relics, Hue city also owns beautiful beaches that captivate many tourists. Lang Co Beach is the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam with long white sand embracing the clear blue coast. Around the coast are majestic green forests on the majestic mountain background.

Hue beach tourism

Thuan An Beach

Thuan An beach is also a favorite beach for many tourists when coming to  Hue tourist destination  because of the gentle and poetic beauty of gentle waves. Immerse yourself in the cool and refreshing water, take a walk along the golden sandy or enjoy delicious fresh seafood dishes to enjoy a wonderful vacation in Thuan An beach.

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Dam Lap An

Combine Lang Co beach tour with a visit to Lap An Dam (also known as An Cu lagoon) is an attractive tourist destination in Hue . When the sun gradually fades behind the majestic Bach Ma mountain range, the flat water surface of Lap An lagoon turns bright orange-yellow mixed with the deep blue color of the lagoon water which looks like a picture.

Hue tourist destination

Moreover, the people here are also famous for oyster farming. Therefore, in addition to admiring the beautiful lyrical natural scenery, you also have the opportunity to enjoy delicious dishes made from oysters if you come here

Dong Ba Market

Dong Ba Market is the oldest and largest shopping destination in Hue city. Dong Ba market is associated with the hundreds of years history of the Nguyen Dynasty. Today, the market is not only a shopping place for inner-city people, but also a place that many tourists visit to buy souvenirs for relatives and friends.

The above are tourist spots in Hue that attract many tourists. Let’s contact Focus Asia to travel one of them!