Hong Kong tourist card — 7 useful Hong Kong travel card every traveler must-have

Traveling to Hong Kong will be easier if you know which sort of card (Hong Kong travel card or Hong Kong tourist card) you require. Especially if you’re utilizing these cards as a universal key in your wallet. From MTR cards to Octopus cards, you won’t have to worry about carrying too much cash or becoming confused about the face value of multiple currencies. Simple to use for public transportation (MTR, bus, ferry), just pay while buying, and it will provide you with an internet connection and convenient communication.

Day view from Lugard road Hong Kong

1. Octopus card

Octopus card-hongkong Hong Kong travel card or Hong Kong tourist card
hong kong tourist octopus card

What exactly is an Octopus Card? It is a payment card for services such as MTR trains, buses, public transportation (ships, ferries, etc.) and retail shopping (like bank cards). The Tourist Octopus card costs $6 in your account and may be added at any time at the 24-hour shop. When visiting Hong Kong, this will be the most essential and necessary card.

Octopus card-hongkong1 hong kong tourist octopus cardHong Kong travel card or Hong Kong tourist card

2. 4G Sim Card

SIM 4G-card-hongkong Hong Kong travel card or Hong Kong tourist card
4G Sim Card hong kong

When visiting Hong Kong, you will also require a 3G / 4G SIM card. Enjoy a 3G internet connection with a maximum capacity and speed of 1.5 GB in 5 days. Alternatively, you may pick an 8-day 4G internet plan with excellent speed. Make sure you use Google Maps to locate your trip, evaluate the cuisine, or simply talk with pals; everything will be simple and quick. Furthermore, acquiring SIM at the airport allows you to save as much time as possible while purchasing tickets.

SIM 4G-card-hongkong1
Image by: hong kong travel card blog.

3. Airport Express Travel Pass – MTR

MTR Hong Kong Airport card-hongkong Hong Kong travel card or Hong Kong tourist card
hong kong mtr card

For those of you who don’t know how to get from the Hong Kong airport to the city, the MTR Hong Kong Airport ticket will be the quickest and most convenient option. With a maximum journey time of 30 minutes, it will take you directly from the airport to one of three destinations: Hong Kong Station, Kowloon, or Tsing Yi. When you get off the plane, make sure you have a quick, inexpensive, and worry-free means to find a place to buy your tickets.

MTR Hong Kong Airport card-hongkong1

4. MTR Travel Pass Hong Kong

MTR Hong Kong Airport card-hongkong2 Hong Kong travel card or Hong Kong tourist card
hong kong airport mtr card. Image by: hong kong travel card blog.

A MTR Travel Pass Hong Kong is unquestionably the sort of card you should have when visiting Hong Kong. One of the universal cards that allows you to roam about the city in 72 hours. You have an infinite number of stations and boarding times; simply swipe your card, board, and choose any destination on the Hong Kong MTR system (see MTR map).

Furthermore, the MTR Travel Pass includes Airport Express service. It facilitates travel from Hong Kong International Airport to the city core and vice versa. The key stations, such as Tsing Yi, Kowloon, and Hong Kong Island, will only take you up to 30 minutes to get to the city.

5. MTR Tourist Hongkong Day Pass

MTR Tourist Hongkong Day Pass1 mtr hong kong tourist day pass
mtr hong kong tourist day pass

If you do not need to move to MTR for several days continuously, you can purchase MTR tickets daily. With this card, you can move comfortably with the MTR system spread throughout the city of Hong Kong within 24 hours.

MTR Tourist Hongkong Day Pass hong kong tourist card
Credit: hong kong tourist card blog.

Easily getting to all of Hong Kong’s famous attractions through some of the most popular MTR stations:

Tung Chung: take the Ngong Ping cable car, Ngong Ping village, the Great Buddha statue, Buu Lien pagoda and catch the bus to Tai O

Tsim Sha Tsui: Visit the busy shopping area with the famous Nathan shopping street, Canton. The area is also home to museums, famous avenues, and the famous Victoria Harbor.

Central Station: Trung Hoan area with Lan Que Phuong, Thai Binh Mountain (The Peak), peak tram, Sky 100…

6. Iventure Hong Kong

iventure card-hongkong1 iventure card hong kong
iventure card hong kong

The Iventure Hong Kong Card allows you to visit the most popular attractions in Hong Kong and Macau at the most reasonable prices. You are one of only around 2 million people who have been chosen to go to 15 different destinations in 3 to 5 days. That implies you don’t have to spend extra money to visit each day if you have just one card.

iventure card-hongkong Credit: hong kong tourist card blog.
Credit: hong kong tourist card blog.

It would not only save you money on cheaper flights, but it will also allow you more freedom to plan your stay in Hong Kong and Macau. You may plan a 3- or 5-day trip to explore popular attractions such as the Ngong Ping 360 cable car, Hong Kong Ocean Park, Victoria Harbor, and Macau Tower.

7. Lantau 360 Sky-Land-Sea Pass

SLS-day-pass_en_1200x628 Hong Kong travel card or Hong Kong tourist card
Credit: hong kong tourist card blog.

The 360-Lantau Sky-Land-Sea Day Pass provides access to Lantau Hong Kong Island by all three modes of transportation: land, sea, and air. You’ll start with Ngong Ping 360, a beautiful cable vehicle that connects Lantau Island to urban Hong Kong. From the cable car, you may enjoy the panorama below from a cabin or a glass bottom.

Choosing the glass-bottom cable car will just be perfect and worth your money

After you get off the cable car, you will reach Ngong Ping Village. The home to Po Lin Monastery. Enjoy the quiet space, walk the Wisdom Path before stopping to watch the mountains.

Tai O fishing village

The third destination is taking you to Hong Kong beach with Tai O fishing village. It is one of the oldest fishing villages in Hong Kong. Here you will take a boat ride to discover the life of the fishing people as well as the floating houses in the village.