Hon Mieu Island in Nha Trang

Hon Mieu Nha Trang, also known as Bong Lai Island, is the closest island in Nha Trang Bay . Therefore, it is also a concentrated place of population. Moving to Hon Mieu is also quite simple. You just need to rent a motorboat and it only takes a few minutes to reach the island. If you have a short trip to Nha Trang , Hon Mieu is the ideal place for you to visit

Hon Mieu Nha Trang

Tri Nguyen Aquarium

This is billed as an outdoor aquarium but it’s actually a fish-breeding farm, where over 40 species of fish, crustacean and other marine creatures are raised. Surrounding the tanks are an incredibly kitsch concrete collection of giant shrimps, fang-bearing sharks and so on. The aquarium is in the shape of a boat and you can climb to the top to look out over the horizon.

Hon Mieu is included in most island-hopping boat tours. Travellers can catch one of the regular ferries that travel here from Cau Da dock.

Tri Nguyen Aquarium

Coming to Hon Mieu , you not only admire the wild beauty and immerse yourself in the sea, but you also have the opportunity to visit 2 famous tourist destinations on the island: Tri Nguyen aquarium and Bai Soi beach .

Bai Soi Beach

Tri Nguyen is a private lake built in the 70s of the last century. The lake is separated by a stone embankment system. In the lake, hundreds of types of rare marine creatures such as fish and sea turtles are kept here.

Hon Mieu

Not far from Tri Nguyen Lake is Bai Soi beach. Bai Soi faces towards Hon Tam. It is called Bai Soi because the beach has no sand in the mainland. You can dive on the rocky rapids near Bai Soi and see a world of coral and sea urchin.

Tri Nguyen Aquarium

Coming to Hon Mieu, visitors can learn about the life of fishermen living on the island. Visiting rafts of grouper, lobster that people grow on the sea. You can also try the feeling of floating while walking on the basket boats of the people here.

Tri Nguyen Aquarium

Hon Mieu Nha Trang with its rustic beauty is always a tourist attraction. Please come to feel more about the beauty and life of the sea people here.

Tri Nguyen Aquarium