Hazards And Risks Of Hiking In The Mountains

Before embarking on any hike, it is important to consider the dangers of mountain climbing. You will be out in the wilderness, open to all of nature’s might and biodiversity. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Thunder Storms

Keep an eye on the atmosphere! Most thunderstorms, particularly in the summer, catch hikers off guard. They are, though, now predictable, so keep an eye on the weather forecast! If you are trapped in a thunderstorm, get away from open areas where you might be a victim and seek shelter. Living in a forest is preferable to being out in the woods! If at all practicable, avoid tall goals (such as trees), i.e. don’t attempt to hide under a branch. However, if all that is behind you is a tall oak, don’t sit under it or too far away from it. If lightning strikes your location, it will most likely seek the highest object (the tree), so keep a safe distance from it…



Check to see if there are any snakes (especially poisonous snakes) in the area where you want to hike. If this is the case, because there is a risk that they are toxic, it is safest to hike in long pants and good closed shoes. Snakes do not seek out trouble; instead, they avoid areas where they can encounter it (like holes or under stones). If infected, keep vigilant and do as little effort as possible to prevent the toxin from spreading through the bloodstream, and seek medical attention immediately.

Bears or Wolves

Wild species, such as bears and wolves, do not often seek out human interaction. If this occurs, it is most likely that they did not notice you or did not have time to retreat. Adding a lot of noise is the only way to stop this situation. If they see you, don’t run away, and never, ever turn your back on them. Get yourself as big as you can and retreat without turning your back on them.

Shepherd Dogs

Shepherd dogs are normally not a threat, although, in certain isolated areas, they can be confused by hikers. Shepherd dogs from isolated villages are not uncommon in mistaking other humans for danger and attacking them. Even if a single dog attack is rarely fatal, these dogs are tough and can inflict more than just a scare.

Wild Plants

Have you seen the film ‘Into the Wild’? We all liked the movie and its dramatic ending, didn’t we? As a result, it should act as a reminder to us not to EAT any wild plant that we are not certain is edible.