Hanoi Coffee Culture

Hanoians often have the habit of sipping a cup of coffee in the morning slowly. Behind every cup of coffee are endless stories. Sipping hot coffee, listening to the northeast wind gently shake the roof. People often joke that  “Hanoi is not in a hurry” and Hanoians are not in a hurry to drink coffee. Therefore, Hanoi coffee is like an interesting concert that has captivated many generations.

1. How Do Hanoians Drink Coffee?

Hanoi Coffee

Hanoi Coffee

Entering the restaurant, the same kind of drink but Saigon people order iced milk coffee, while Hanoi people call brown coffee. Hanoi brown coffee is bitter and denser than Saigon iced milk coffee.

Hanoians “connoisseurs” coffee have a general opinion about a standard “hot brown” cup which is” It must be filtered coffee in the ratio of 2 coffee and 1 condensed milk to produce a thick mixture with clear flavor. The roasted and ground coffee must be the newest and freshest. The best coffee is in the first juice. The way to prepare coffee must be concentrated and have a slightly bitter taste to be more delicious ”.

2. Where to go to drink coffee in Hanoi?

Hanoi Coffee

Sidewalk coffee

If Saigonese can drink coffee anywhere, from sidewalks to luxury restaurants, Hanoians often drink coffee from Hanoi in pavement cafe.

Dinh Cafe – Famous Phin Pha Egg Cafe

Hanoi Coffee

Dinh Cafe

Address: 13 Dinh Tien Hoang

One of the famous ancient cafes in Hanoi is Dinh cafe which is about 30 years old. Previously, the shop was called Bich Coffee- the name of the owner. Later, the shop was changed to Dinh for a very simple reason: The shop is located on Dinh Tien Hoang Street, right next to Hoan Kiem Lake.

Dinh is located on the second floor of an old French house. To get to the shop, you need to go through the handbag shop below, go through the stairs to the second floor to get there. The space of the new restaurant has been expanded to add more seats, but the seats are favorite: the corner of the balcony overlooking Sword Lake is now closed.

The shop’s cupboard is egg coffee, which is still brewed in the traditional way. Egg Coffee is a specialty food of Kinh Ky land. Coming to Dinh, you should try to enjoy a cup of fragrant egg coffee!

Thai Coffee 

Hanoi Coffee

Thai coffee

Address: 27 Trieu Viet Vuong

Old cafes in Hanoi are quite picky, but in Thailand they are completely different. Located on the coffee street, Thai has existed for 80 years. Thai has its own flavor that makes up the flavor of Hanoi coffee.

Thai coffee is selected from three Vietnamese soil regions: Dien Bien, Phu Quy, and Buon Ho, and roasted according to traditional secrets. Therefore, if you drink a cup of coffee in Thailand, you will feel the aroma of the mountains and forests of the Northwest, the deep taste like the land and the people of Nghe An, the intoxicating yeast of the great Highlands.

It was an ancient signboard, a rustic wooden table on either side of the wall. It is a golden wall with vintage art words “Hanoi is here”, “Come to Hanoi to make brown cups” for young people to check-in. The space inside the restaurant is faded with time, making people remember the old years.

39 Ta Hien 

Hanoi Coffee

Cafe 39 Ta Hien

Address: 39 Ta Hien

Café 39 Ta Hien the national coffee shop because regardless of whether you are young or old, regardless of whether you are office workers or students, whether you are in Ho Chi Minh or Da Lat,  Da Nang have the desire for going here to try coffee. Hanoians like to sit on the pavement coffees. It has gradually become a special cultural feature of Hanoi people.

39 Ta Hien is so popular. The shop is opened from 6am.