Ha Giang Tourism

Ha Giang tours  learning about the scenery, people, atmosphere blending with the nature of Northwestern mountains and forests are being paid attention by people who love travel.

Therefore, Ha Giang tourism is a unique destination to help you discover all the heroic things in Ha Giang.

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The beautiful town of Pho Bang – Yen Minh in Ha Giang

Overcoming the winding slopes of 4C Road and the strong triangular flower forest in Sung La valley, Pho Bang is peacefully nestled behind the mountains which is the home of the Chinese and Mong people. You will be overwhelmed by the idyllic beauty of the mountainous region.

Pho Bang – Dong Van is suitable for those who love tranquility, harmony with nature or find a place to relax

Thị trấn bó bảng Tây Bắc

Photo: @nishechi

Ha Giang tourism schedule- Ma Pi Leng Pass 

Located on the road of Happiness linking Ha Giang city, Dong Van district, Ma Pi Leng Pass deserves the first majestic title of Ha Giang. .

If you have the opportunity to tour Ha Giang , this is the popular place for most of the young people to check in.

Đèo Mã Pí Lèng – đệ nhất hùng quan của Hà Giang

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Explore the ancient town of Dong Van

Passing Ma Pi Leng pass will reach the old town of Dong Van which is located between the valley and the surrounding rocky four sides. Despite being called the old town, it is not as big as the old town of Hanoi or Hoi An. The old town of Dong Van has always welcomed people from all parts of the world.

Coming to Ha Giang, people can try the rice rolls or sit down to drink a cup of coffee which is definitely a wonderful experience.

trip to Ha Giang 3 days 2 nights will be enough for you to explore this fascinating place

Phố cổ Đồng Văn

Old street cafe corner

Kiến trúc đặc thù ở phố cổ Đồng Văn

Typical architecture in Dong Van Old Quarter

Lui Market- Ha Giang

If you go to a new land, do not forget to participate in their activities. You can feel all the life and the soul of the ethnic people here. There are reverse markets such as backward markets including Sa Phin reverse market, Lung Phin reverse market, etc.

The fairs starts early in the morning and end at noon.

In addition, Dong Van market in Dong Van town takes place every Sunday so you can take a trip from Saturday afternoon to have a longer national holiday and join in this market.

If you plan to explore Ha Giang , do not miss this place …

Lung Cu flagpole

Located at an altitude of about 1700m above sea level, Lung Cu flagpole belongs to Lung Cu commune, Dong Van district, Ha Giang province. This is a small point on the Vietnam-China border line.

It is said that until Ha Giang, we must go up and conquer the Lung Cu flagpole.

Lung Cu - Ha Giang flagpole

Lung Owl flagpole in Ha Giang