Explore Elephant waterfall Dalat – a masterpiece of nature

Elephant water fall Dalat is the third largest fall in Lam Dong province. This is also one of the most attractive attractions in Dalat tours. It is located on the road down to Nam Ban town, Lam Ha district; 25km from the city center.

Elephant waterfall in Dalat

Elephant waterfall Dalat - ideal sights

It possesses a wild beauty like the identical messages of the plateau. Elephant Waterfall, also known as Lieng Rowoa waterfall, is one of the beautiful waterfalls of the majestic mountains and forests of the Central Highlands with a height of more than 30 meters and a width of about 15 meters.

1. Where is Dalat Elephant Waterfall?

The waterfall is located at Gia Lam, Tran Nam Ban, Lam Ha District, Lam Dong Province. Despite located in the town area, the waterfall still retains a wild and charming look. In 2001, Dalat Elephant Waterfall was recognized as a national scenic relic.

Ticket price for Dalat Elephant Waterfall: 20.000 VND / person

2. Legend of Dalat Elephant Waterfall

The chiefs of the K’Ho people living for a long time here recounted that: A long time ago there was a chief of the village of Joi Bieng. He had a perfectly beautiful daughter, and every time she sang, her flowers blooming; forest leaves stop rustling, each flock of birds stop singing to listen.

She fell in love with a boy who was the son of the neighboring village chief. He is also loved by many girls because of his big, muscular physique and the handsome face. They fall in love, swear by the sea then they are married. But one day the young man had to go to kill the enemy to protect his village, then many years later he did not return anymore.

She painfully found the place they used to date; singing earnestly, hoping he will hear and find. Then the birds were also touched by her love. They flew away together to find information and then come back to let her know that he had died on the battlefield forever and would never return. In great agony, she still sang deeply, until exhausted; collapsed and never woke up again.

Visiting Elephant Dalat waterfall
The forest elephants hearing her sing for a long time now also petrified and mute. Bong had a big bang, shaking earth and sky, and the desolate mountain split into two; broken horizontally into a large waterfall with white flowing water erasing a corner of the sky.

The sound of waterfalls screaming day and night in harmony with the rustling sound of mountains and forests. The sound of the birds singing the letter continues the melancholy lament about a love of a beautiful and faithful female mountain girl. To commemorate this sad story, the local people of K’Ho here named the waterfall Lieng Rowoa Joi Bieng.

3. The way to Dalat Elephant Waterfall 

From the center of Da Lat, tourist move to 3/2 Hoang Van Thu street => Van Thanh Hoa Village => Go down Ta Nung Pass => go further 25km to Nam Ban town = > to Elephant Falls on the right.

See the map below for more accurate routes.

Map to Dalat Elephant Waterfall

Map of Dalat Elephant Waterfall – Photo of Saladalathotel

4. Dalat Elephant Waterfall and Linh An Pagoda

These are two famous tourist spots that are always mentioned together because they are located right next to each other.

5. Explore Elephant Dalat waterfall

It will be a pity when coming to Dalat without going to the countryside of Nam Ban to witness firsthand the majestic beauty of Lieng Rwoa. Visitors who want to fully enjoy the wild beauty of the waterfall must “conquer” 145 steps of the roundabout steps.

Elephant Waterfall in Da Lat

At the foot of the waterfall and in the old forest appeared a number of large rocks shaped like elephants. Therefore, the loud waterfall makes the spectator seem to have a herd of elephants racing or throwing fountains playing with each other.

When reaching the foot of the waterfall, behind the white waterfall is a mysterious deep cave. That is bat cave deep down to 50m underground with cliffs with fancy shapes and colors.

Tree roots and vines intertwined to create a very strange and bizarre path. The deeper you go down, the darker and colder visitors will feel.

6. Experience in Dalat Elephant Waterfall

Step to conquer the Elephant Dalat waterfall

First: You should go in the morning. When you arrive at the waterfall, surely your fatigue will disappear due to the beauty of the waterfall. When coming to Elephant Waterfall, you should pay attention if you have children with you because the way down to the waterfall is quite slippery.

If you have the courage, you can climb to the cliff for a lifetime photo, but the sincere advice is that you should not climb out as it is very dangerous.

Coming to Elephant waterfall is like being lost in the wild mountains which are separated from modern things. Let’s explore Dalat Elephant waterfall now!