Explore Bach Ma National Park in Hue

If you come to Hue to travel but get bored with Hue capitals and palaces, you should not ignore the article below. Coming to Bach Ma National Park, you will be immersed in the wild nature with consecutive cool streams or lakes at Ngu Ho, but also have the opportunity to conquer Vong Hai Dai peak and climb the mighty Do Quyen waterfall. Vy with a height of over 300 meters … and many other interesting experiences.

Explore Bach Ma National Park in Hue

About 40 km from Hue city, Bach Ma National Park (National Park) is an attractive ecotourism destination for tourists, due to its magnificent natural landscape and diverse experiences. This is the only strip of primary forest in Vietnam that connects the country from the East Sea to the Vietnam-Laos border.

After arriving at the gate of Bach Ma National Park , you buy tickets for 60,000 VND per adult and 20,000 VND per child. In addition to walking, the most convenient way to move to the top of the mountain is to rent a car for VND 900,000 round trip. To save money, you should go in groups, book tours in advance in Hue, Da Nang, or go to the national park gate early to apply for the union.

Explore Bach Ma National Park in Hue

The tourist destinations that should stop in the journey to explore Bach Ma National Park are Vong Hai Dai, Ngu Ho, Do Quyen waterfall, old French villas, “Hobbit” village.

The car will take you through the road about 20 km winding around the mountain to go straight to Vong Hai Dai, the first attraction, the highest place in Bach Ma National Park. The work was built by the French. From this location, you can have a panoramic view of Lang Co Bay, Truoi Lake and Bach Ma mountain forest in the clouds. This is an easy route for visitors of all ages.

Explore Bach Ma National Park in Hue

Then, you get on the bus to continue about 5 km to the Ngu Ho area, which consists of 5 large and small lakes connecting together. The lakes are not deep, with clear blue water, cool. This is the favorite stop for lunch and bathing in many tourists after walking about 30 minutes through the forest to the lake.

According to the itinerary, Do Quyen waterfall is the next destination, about 2-3 km from Ngu Ho. From the top of the waterfall with an altitude of up to 300 m, visitors often rest on the rocky cliffs where the water flows down the waterfall and watch the panorama of the mountains looming in the clouds even on sunny days.

You can follow the signboard leading down to the foot of the waterfall with nearly 700 steps to admire the majesty of this waterfall.

If your plan to visit and experience Bach Ma National Park is only 1 day, you should bring a tent to camp to rest and enjoy. If you do not want to bring many things or want to stay overnight, there are also a number of homestays and motels for you to choose from.

  • Camping: There are many flat and beautiful land in Bach Ma National Park. You can bring camping gear or rent here to set up a tent to rest and relax.
  • Homestay: At the foot of Bach Ma Mountain, there are many homestays for you to choose from. Depending on your budget status and sleeping needs, choose a suitable place for yourself.
  • Motel – Hotel: At the foot of Bach Ma mountain, there are many, prices range from 500,000 – 1,000,000 VND / room depending on the quality of the room.

Bach Ma National Park is famous as a pristine tourist destination and promotes the spirit of self-sufficient tourism, so food service is not very developed. You should bring a mini gas stove or prepare food prepared from home to bring. When you reach the top, spread the camping canvas and enjoy the food. This is definitely a great picnic during your time to Hue.

Explore Bach Ma National Park in Hue

If you do not bring food, you can order rice at some homestay, hotel, and restaurant at the foot of the mountain. However, this way may affect your schedule to visit and explore  Bach Ma  1-day National Park .

The name Bach Ma comes from a number of anecdotes related to the cloud covering the mountain all year round. In the past, people in this area often looked up and saw white mist rising to form a horse shape. Another legend says that a general rode a white horse to the mountain and mysteriously disappeared.

From December to April is the right time to explore the mountains and forests here, at this time sunny weather is convenient for moving. In April this year, you can combine participating in the marathon and Hue Festival, besides exploring Bach Ma National Park in dry season, both beautiful and safe.