Discover the symbolic triangular flower of Ha Giang

The triangular flower of Ha Giang is like a tourist symbol here. When the winter wind blew, the fields of the vascular triangles swelled again, the white and the pink color made many people fascinated. October to December is the time when triangular flowers bloom, colorful flower beds with pink purple color stretching across the road covering the majestic mountain and forest space of Ha Giang. With Focus Asia Travel, share the article below to learn about the beauty and interestingness of this famous flower.

Triangular barley flowers in Ha Giang, or buckwheat, rye (buckwheat), are grown in the high mountains of northern Vietnam. This plant belongs to the legume family (Fabaceae), the petals are clustered together in a pyramid shape, the vascular seed in the middle. Due to the lower yield than rice and maize, 1 sao of field can only harvest more than 20kg of grain, so the planting area is not expanded much, mainly people in upland areas grow food for storage, fermenting, making medicine, baking.

Discover the symbolic triangular flower of Ha Giang

The color of the vascular triangular flower changes with each stage. When they first bloom, they are pure white, then turn pale pink, purple pink, then dark red, and then turn black when they fade, then they are no longer beautiful.

Therefore, tourists to Ha Giang can come see these fields in full bloom in mid-October to mid-November, some years from mid-September the flowers have begun to bloom in white color. Triangular Circuit is everywhere in Ha Giang, from hillsides, terraced fields, sometimes it rises up from cat-eared rocks, sometimes it appears on the porch.

In addition, triangular flowers are also useful in everyday life:

  • Young body vegetables: The  mustard flower before flowering is also a daily vegetable, so is the triangle. Triangular vascular plant is used by the people as an edible vegetable, with a taste but down the throat it has a sweet, fragrant flavor.
  • Stems and leaves : When used properly, the trunk and leaves of the triangle will act as a medicine of Oriental medicine, cure gastritis, bloating, help lower blood sugar, lower blood fat …
  • Flower seeds : this is the part that gives the most economic value to the Ha Giang people. Triangular vascular flower seeds are not only used to make specialties of triangular cakes, porridge or roasted triangles, but also for making wine and beauty.

Suggest the most beautiful places to see the flowers of Ha Giang’s circuit :

  • Thach Son Than (Quyet Tien commune, Quan Ba ​​district): a field of triangular flowers is next to National Highway 4C (also known as “Happiness Road”), on the way to Quan Ba, 3km from North Sum slope. Ticket price is about 10,000 VND / person. Here, there are many swings and models of the show house for tourists from Hanoi to take pictures with.
  • Pho Fox: Passing through Yen Minh, you can stop to watch the flowers at Fox Street, where the most typical features of the rocky plateau with 4 ethnic groups living in Mong, Dao, Han and Pu Peo.
  • Lung Cam Cultural Village (Lung Cam Village, Sung La Commune, Dong Van District): Sung La Valley is the place where the most beautiful and triangular flowers grow in Ha Giang. Besides, the house set in “The Story of Pao” is also located here.
  • Ngan Chai village (Lao Va Chai commune, Yen Minh district): This triangular vascular garden is located under Yen Minh pine forest, like “Da Lat of Ha Giang”.
  • Ma Pi Leng Pass: a field of triangular flowers at the foot of the pass, along with the emerald green Nho Que river creates a beautiful natural picture that you cannot miss when traveling to Ha Giang.
  • Pa Vi commune: located on the way up the cliff of the god, Ha Che village, Ha Sua, Ta Lung commune, Lai Lung commune, and Khau Vai commune, in the stone maze near the Khau Vai love market.
  • Lung Cu Flag Column Foot: The triangular flowers at the foot of Lung Cu flagpole are planted into classy terraces, serving visitors to visit the flagpole.

Discover the symbolic triangular flower of Ha Giang

Hopefully, with the most detailed information about the tourist symbol – the triangular flower of Ha Giang, you will have the most complete trip in this Northwest mountainous region.