Discover Bao Loc – a diamond in the rough

Bao Loc is not as famous and lyrical as Dalat but this place is worth adding to your upcoming journey. 


Discover Bao Loc - Bao Loc City

Bao Loc city

Explore Bao Loc 

If Da Lat captivates visitors with cold weather, fog and flowers, Bao Loc is attractive by its peaceful and surprisingly casual features. Spend two weekends exploring this place, surely you will be satisfied with your travel.

Discover Bao Loc - Bao Loc Tea Hill

Bao Loc tea hill

Do not hestitate to come to Bao Loc to admire the beautiful landscapes, breathe fresh air and to enjoy the rustic dishes with a special flavor of the windy plateau. Linh Quy Phap An Pagoda, Dambri Waterfall, Dong Nai Lake, Vong Nguyet Tra, Tam Hop Waterfall, Bat Nha Monastery, etc attract a large number of tourists to explore Bao Loc .

Discover Bao Loc - Linh Quy Phap An Pagoda

Linh Quy Phap An Pagoda

In addition, when the bypass highway 20 is completed and the Dau Giay – Lien Khuong expressway is put into use, the demand for commerce, tourism and economy will increase rapidly. This is a great opportunity for Bao Loc city to develop. 

Discover Bao Loc

If you learn about Bao Loc , you should discover Loc Phat ward. This place is like an unexplored treasure. That is why the nature here is quite wild, the people are rustic and simple. Go to Loc Phat – a peaceful land with many poetic landscapes, there is always a strong attraction to visitors, especially those who love the tranquility and want to get away from the hustle and bustle in life. This land is seen as the green lung. The nature here is mild and cool all year round. Loc Phat is suitable for relaxation activities, finding peace of mind.

Discover Bao Loc - Absolutely cup

Absolutely cup

Loc Phat has many beautiful scenes such as: Ho Nam Phuong, Ho Loc Thanh, Church of the Holy Mother, Cau Doi Waterfall, Tea Hill – Cafe – Mulberry, Suoi Da, Hang Breast Milk, House full of chili flowers, Sugar rose pollen, land of chocolate, etc.

Explore Bao Loc – Rang Dong flower-roofed wooden house

Explore Bao Loc - Rang Dong flower-roofed wooden house

Rang Dong flower-roofed wooden house

Just appeared and famous in the early days of 2018, this is not a tourist destination but just a small wooden house of the people of Loc Phat, Bao Loc, Lam Dong. Because of the beautiful red-flowered Rang Dong roof, glowing in the peaceful, peaceful space of the mountains and forests, many people have had to stop to enjoy the view. Just a simple view of the red-roofed wooden house on the way back to Bao Loc can make your heart flutter.

Explore Bao Loc - Rang Dong flower-roofed wooden house

Rang Dong flower-roofed wooden house

The entire roof is covered with a brilliant orange flower color for the whole sky. This is one of the highlights of the trip.

Discover Bao Loc – Thanh Tam Parish Church

If you have stopped by a wooden house with flower roofs in Rang Dong, do not forget to visit Thanh Tam Parish Church nearby. The elegant white of the church with the green trees and the open space will give you a relaxing and peaceful feeling.

Discover Bao Loc - Thanh Tam Parish Church

Thanh Tam Parish Church

At Loc Phat – Bao Loc, visitors will surely feel the slow and peaceful pace of life which is not hurry like a flashy city. That peaceful space will give you a relaxing vacation, refresh your soul and be optimistic every day.