Discover Baara Land – the first man-made sea in Hanoi

Baara Land is the first artificial beach in Hanoi city. That is why this is one of the hot spots with many entertainment activities. Hope with information about Baara Land below will help you have a perfect vacation!

Baara Land amusement park


About a 30- minute drive from the center of Hanoi, Baara Land is located in Da Phuc village, Sai Son commune, Quoc Oai district, Hanoi. It is not difficult for you to bring your whole familyto rest on the weekends.

Contact information

  • Phone : 024 6262 8282
  • Gmail :
  • Address : Hamlet Da Phuc, Sai Son Commune, Quoc Oai District, Hanoi
  • Hanoi office : 12th Floor, Tower of Hanoi – 49 Hai Ba Trung
Baara Land children's pool

Guide to move to Baara Land

From the city center of Hanoi, you can move to the Baara Land man-made beach in the direction of Thang Long Avenue and go to Provincial Highway 421B. You will easily see the signpost to get to thiss resort.

Also you can ask the locals to be shown the way or using google map.

Update the latest Baara Land ticket prices

Here, in addition to modern play space, you can also immerse yourself in the artificial space but it is quite similar to real beaches. Thanks to the large wave generator system and many interesting underwater art games, it will definitely make you overwhelmed.

Ticket price Baara Land

Fun activities in Baara Land

The beach has artificial waves

With a blue sea, white sand and a unique real wave generating system with the feeling of real waves, Baara Land promises to bring you a completely enjoyable experience this summer.

The sea waves Baara Land

The sea creates waves

Slide system

Modern slide system feels strong. This place has a large and extremely diverse system of slides. High speed slides, Tornado swirls or twisted slides will bring you enjoyable experiences.

Baara Land twisted slide

Twisted pair slide

Baara Land high-speed slide

High speed slide

Dolphin show

If you come to Baara Land, do not miss out Dolphin Show which is an extremely attractive show. In this show, the dolphins will perform an impressive show. They are trained by experienced Russian coaches.

Baara Land dolphin


The Dolphin Show stage is an international standard performance stage with 2,500 seats that is designed for all visitors to admire the performances. This Dolphin show is taken place every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday so please schedule a time to visit with these friendly friends. In particular, if you want to feel more about the blue ocean, sign up for a swim with dolphins!

Baara Land dolphin show area

Dolphin show area

Ocean museum

After finishing the Dolphin Show, you can visit the ocean museum. It displays many very life-sized models of marine life. Furthermore, there is also a very cute image of dolphins playing including the image of two cute dolphins in the Dolphin show.

Baara Land Ocean Museum

Ocean museum

Food at Baara Land

There are quite a few dining places to choose such as: Seafood Market, Gourmet Food Court, Carboy Junkie Beer Club.

Carboy Junkie Beer Club Baara Land

Carboy Junkie Beer Club

Baara Land Seafood Market

Seafood Market

Baara Land buffet food court

Buffet food area

Note: At Baara Land, you cannot bring food from outside so do not prepare.

A 1- day trip to Baara Land Hanoi

  • 0815    : You can depart at 8:15 if you go with children.
  • 09h00 : Arrive in Baara Land, you can send your belongings then visit around the amusement park then go to the beach.
  • 11h00 : At this time, there is a beautiful and exciting whale show so you do not miss it.
Baara Land dolphin show

Dolphin performance

  • 11h30 : Choose culinary restaurants in Baara Land area to eat and relax. During this time, you should not bathe because the sun is strong. If you travel with your children, avoid bathing your baby is necessary
  • 14h00 : Participate in adventure games at the water park such as: slide, maze, … to traditional folk arts such as water puppetry, cheo singing, mandarin singing, …
Tornado Baara Land

Tornado vortex

  • 16h30 : Prepare your belongings and get on the bus back to Hanoi.
  • 17h30 : End your travel

Note when traveling to Baara Land

  • You should prepare all necessary swimsuits and clothes such as: glasses, swimming cap, earplugs to swim, … because there is no rental service here.
  • Baara Land does not allow any outside food.
  • It is not opened on Monday. The amusement park is opened every day except Mondays, so do not travel here on a Monday as you will have to return.
  • Admission fee to Baara Land is for daytime only. If you stay overnight, you will have to pay for extra money.

Above is the specific, important and necessary information about Baara Land tourism experience. Hope you have more stopovers in your upcoming weekend. Focus Asia Travel is happy to be your companion