Dam Vua salt field – A Famous destinatio in Ninh Thuan

Dam Vua salt field is located about 10km from Phan Rang – Thap Cham city in the direction of Vinh Hy. Dam Vua salt field is known as one of the large salt granaries of Ninh Thuan province, and has been cooperated with Russia to produce salt production. The salt dunes higher than 10m are like dreamy white snow mountains in the midst of Europe, making Dam Vua a favorite destination to explore and “live virtual” by many young tourists.

Dam salt field - Famous place in Ninh Thuan

The dry season, from December to September each year, is the season for salt production in Dam Vua. With more than 1,000 hectares of salt fields stretching along the coast, this place is known as the country’s largest “salt warehouse”.

Along with Phuong Cuu or Ca Na salt fields, Dam Vua salt fields has contributed significantly to the economic development of Ninh Thuan province in particular and the salt production of the country in general.

Dam salt field - Famous place in Ninh Thuan

Today, thanks to modern facilities and warehouse systems, the salt production in Dam Vua becomes more productivity.

Salt work began early in the morning, when the sun was not yet high. Salt-makers often have to race against time, with sunlight to scratch flat salt plots to form high salt dunes.

The salt season in Dam Vua starts from December to September next year. Salt made from Dam Vua salt field are salt grains with high nutritional content. To be able to produce white salt particles without impurities, salt farmers have to spend a lot of time and effort. The salt particles are crystallized after the evaporation of seawater.

A working day of the salt markers starts when the sun was not too high, everyone together quickly raked the salt to make it into high pieces. Salt in Dam Vua only needs to be treated once before being distributed to the market. Salt making depends a lot on the weather because a sudden thunderstorm can sweep away the efforts of the people here.

In addition to the economic value, recently, Dam Vua salt field has been “exploited” by many young people. Many of the travel photos taken here are as stunning as a certain European place which are widely shared on social networks and immediately received countless favorites.

salt field king

Amidst the vast nature of Ninh Thuan, the salt field is immense, pure white, sparkling in the sun. The salt cells lie quietly, basking in the golden sunlight, the strong wind, silently crystallizing into pure salt grains. Walking here makes visitors suddenly fall in love and feeling excited amidst the amazing white-covered scene.

Above the salt barns are people working passionately. From their work, visitors can also learn more about the stages of producing salt particles.

To admire the amazing scenery of Dam Vua salt field and learn about the salt work of local salt-makers, let’s visit this place from December to May 9.

The best time to visit Dam Vua salt field is early in the morning, when the sunlight is not too bright, at this time many people are working diligently on the salt fields. At noon, when the sun is high, the sky is clear and blue, the white salt flakes stand out even more. One suggestion is taking extreme souvenir photos with salt copper. The background selection is the salt dunes behind the back that make it look like in some beautiful snow-white European mountains.

If you have the opportunity to visit Ninh Thuan, do not forget to visit the Dam Vua salt field – the large salt field of Ninh Thuan. This place is not only one of the large salt granaries of Ninh Thuan province but also a destination with very unique beauty.