Cau Dat tea hill

Dalat is considered as one of the most popular foreign tourist destination in Vietnam. It is said that when coming to Da Lat, tourists can experience all kinds of tourism they are fond of. Therefore, today Focus Asia Travel would like to introduce Cau Dat tea hill. Here you can enjoy the fresh scenery and nature.

Let’s explore this place with us now!

Location of Cau Dat tea hill

Cau Dat Tea Hill is located more than 22 kilometers southeast of Dalat city. Tea fields stretch on successive hills. This place along with Bao Loc is known as the tea country of the Central Highlands which is home to many famous tea brands such as O Long, Luc Tra (Long Tinh tea).

Cau Dat tea hill

Cau Dat Dalat Tea Hill!

Cau Dat Tea Hill is a favorite destination for many young people who love traveling to nature. 

With an area of ​​220 hectares, Cau Dat tea hill is a very clean destination for those who want to find a quiet countryside.

Fresh destination and quiet countryside!

Dalat Tea Hill – Cau Dat Farm

Cau Dat tea hill has existed for nearly 100 years, formed in 1922 in the form of tea plantations.

In 1927, the French owners established Cau Dat Tea Department. From 1960 to 1975, a Chinese businessman managed to build the Cau Dat Tea Department. Currently, Cau Dat tea hill is cultivated by Cau Dat – Da Lat Tea Joint Stock Company.

Cau Dat tea hill exists nearly 100 years old!

Indeed, the tea hill has gone through a long process associated with all activities, culture and activities of Dalat people until now.

Explore Dalat tea hill – enjoy the fresh nature

Vehicles to tea hill

Cau Dat tea hill is located about 25km from the center of Da Lat. Tourists moving to Cau Dat tea hill can choose from many different means such as taxi, bus or motorbike, etc.

However, exploring Cau Dat tea hill or any other tourist destination in Da Lat, traveling by motorbike is still the most suitable.

Average car rental price is 80,000 – 100,000 VND / day.


The natural beauty of the flower gardens on the foothills!

During their journey, visitors will be overwhelmed by the beauty of flower garden and vegetable gardens at the foot of the hill or the pine forests.

What’s interesting about Cau Dat tea hill?

On the hill, Cau Dat tea is heaven for the beautiful product shots. When coming to Dalat, it is such a shame if you do not take thousand of pictures with tea hills.

Ideal check-in point for tourists when visiting Da Lat

Visitors can relax with the wind or immerse in nature. This place is too perfect to experience and live. Furthermore, it is completely free when going to this hill. That is so great, right?

Ideal destination every weekend!

Here, visitors also have the opportunity to see the village girls handily picking tea leaves, the first lush green tea leaves, the first tea flowers or the small tea flowers. All surely make visitors integrate into the magical beauty of heaven.

Village girls with their hands running smoothly in the beat of tea!

Cau Dat coffee shop

After discovering Cau Dat hill, visitors also want to have a place to stop for a short while. Do not worry! There is a ideal place for tourists to rest – Cau Dat coffee shop.

This is a container cafe with a view of Cau Dat tea hill.

From the cafe view, visitors can fully admire the green beauty of the tea hill.

Cafe shop in Cau Dat tea hill

Enjoy the fresh air and beautiful nature here!

Visitors can choose to sip a combo of hot coffee and green tea – a specialty of the Central Highlands. Actually, nothing is more wonderful.

Notes when exploring Dalat tea hills

– Visitors should not come to Cau Dat Tea Hill at noon on sunny summer days. Before 9am and after 16pm are the “golden” time to admire the beauty of this hill.

Before moving to Cau Dat by motorbike, you should check the map clearly.

– The road goes into the tea hill, which is small and has many curves, so visitors should keep a slow speed and carefully focus on observing the road.

Cau Dat tea hill is a very beautiful sightseeing spot in Da Lat, so when visiting, you need to pay attention to the weather. Remember to prepare the necessary items for your trip. If you need travel advice in Dalat, do not hesitate to contact Focus Asia Travel!

Wish you have a happy trip and many beautiful pictures in this tea hill.