Best places to enjoy Tet holiday

Near Hanoi, there are many places to travel with family during your long Tet holiday. If you are still wondering where to go, try to take a look at some of the places below.

Ham Lon Mountain 

Spring travel with family

Ham Lon Mountain is located very close to the capital, only about 30-40 km away, in the Ham Son commune, Soc Son district, Hanoi. This place has a  wonderful natural space which is suitable for a spring trip with family and relatives. With the scenery of wild, quiet mountains and forests, the air is fresh and cool. You can camp together and have a very attractive BBQ party.
Visit Ham Lon Mountain, you can visit Dong Quan and the pine forest. Alternatively, you can also camp overnight in this area.
You can ride a motorbike to get to Ham Lon. If you go from the center of Hanoi, it only takes about 1 hour to drive. With this tourist spot like this, you can bring food to save money or eat with your family in the natural mountainous space.

Ba Vi National Park 

Spring travel place with family

Ba Vi National Park

Ba Vi National Park is located in Ba Vi district – Hanoi, about 60km from the center of Hanoi city. This place is associated with the legend of Mount Tan and Song Da with beautiful natural scenery. Traveling with your family to this place on Tet holiday will give you a very different experience compared to the urban life.
Ba Vi owns a primeval forest at the National Park with a variety of plants, tall trees so the air is fresh and cool. This tourist destination is very attractive to young people who love to explore as well as mingle with colorful natural space. In addition, camping is a good idea during spring travel with family.

Tam Dao

Spring travel with family

Tam Dao Tourist

Tam Dao is located about 80km from the capital which is the place most families choose to go to on holidays or weekends. You can go to Tam Dao by motorbike or car. If you go with your family, going by car will be much more convenient.
Spring travel in Tam Dao, you can stay at motels, homestay, hotel or resort, etc. There are many types of resorts to choose. The prominent places to visit in Tam Dao are: Silver Waterfall, Ba Chua Thuong Ngan Temple, Tam Dao Fall Church, TV tower, etc.

Moc Chau

Spring travel with family on Tet

Moc Chau Tourism

Moc Chau is no stranger to travel enthusiasts. This place is very close to the capital, just over 100km from Hanoi. With a cool climate, tea hills, fresh grassy highlands, you can go with your family to Moc Chau to explore Dai Yem waterfall and many other outstanding places.
At Moc Chau tourist area, there are many places and stops for you to visit with your family on Tet holiday to experience a peaceful life, fresh space, typical natural scenery of the Northwest .