Beautiful flower fields in Nghe An at the end of the year

Nghe An in November – February of next year is the time when many flowers blooming like sunflowers, wild flowers, butterfly flowers, etc. This is considered an ideal time for you to explore flowers’ fields in Nghe An.

Nghia Son sunflower (Nghia Dan)

The field of sunflower fields more than 60 hectares in Nghia Dan has long been a popular destination on the national tourist map. The romantic setting of a vast array of bright yellow flowers will make any visitor visit. Every season of flowers comes, when the field of flowers is blooming, this place becomes an interesting stop for tourists. This is the largest field of sunflowers in Vietnam under TH True Milk Company.

Originally planted with the purpose of making food for dairy cows, but when the blooming sunflowers simultaneously created a breathtakingly beautiful scene, it became an ideal destination for those who love flowers and take pictures. Sunflower fields gradually become a new symbol of Nghe An province tourism when it comes to every year end. The time of blooming flowers falls around 12-12 months later.

Mop field Nam Cuong (Nam Dan)

Around the end of October and early November, when the autumn began to be cold, it was also the field of wide sweeping stretching along the Lam river blooming white on the alluvial ground of Lam river. High-end mop-up areas become a tourist attraction and photography lovers.

Mop field in Nghe An is located in Nam Cuong commune, Nam Dan district. With a place that is quite easy to find, this forest often welcomes quite busy guests to and from. Although not very new photography locations, the mop field in Nam Dan is always very pleased with tourists because of its pure, pure beauty of natural white.

For photography enthusiasts, the pure white of mop is always an endless source of inspiration for beautiful photos. Not only attracting young virtual enthusiasts, this Nam Dan field also becomes a place to mark the happiness of married couples or married couples.

The five colors flowers of Hoi Son (Anh Son)

1km away from Anh Son town, turn from National Road 7, will take us to the five-color flower hill (also called the weed flower) located at the head of Hoi Son commune, with an area of ​​tens of hectares. The vast hill of flowers is surrounded by mountains, with the scenery of flowers and mountains alternating, making the landscape here more majestic and poetic.

The iridescent flower field will bloom white on February. This is an ideal place for people to visit during the Lunar New Year holiday.

Vegetable Flowers (Thanh Chuong)

Located 50 km from Vinh City, Thanh Chuong flower field is famous for its beautiful scenery. Flowers began to cover gold along the Lam River in around November of the lunar calendar, which lasted until the Lunar New Year.

Improved flower fields in Thanh Long commune, Thanh Chuong district (Nghe An) are about 50km from Vinh city. Flowers begin to bloom from the 11th lunar month last until Lunar New Year.

Rustic rapeseed flowers, if left alone for each cotton, no one will say good-looking, but a field full of gold makes people admire. Accordingly, coming to the same wealth, tourists enjoy posing for photos to keep moments, funny words ..

For many people, this is a way to forget about the dust and hustle of life. Coming to the flower field, you can watch flowers, take photos, many people seem to be interested in buying clean food from the local people, such as bunches of beans, beans …

Nghia Lam butterfly flowers (Nghia Dan)

This brilliant flower is located along the Ho Chi Minh route through Nghia Lam commune. The characteristics of butterfly wings are cold-tolerant, so the bloom time lasts from the end of November to May of the following year.

Wild flowers in Nam Can (Ky Son)

The wild flowers of Nghe An are most concentrated along the National Road 7 through No Soong and Tien Tieu villages of Nam Can commune, Ky Son district. Around the end of November, bright yellow blooming flowers stood out in the middle of a glimpse of the Mong village near the border.

Peach tree flowers in Muong Muong (Ky Son)

Along with plum flowers, wild peach flowers contribute to adorn the romantic beauty of Western Nghe An. The typical highland climate often causes peach blossom to bloom sooner, around the end of December, the peach blossom in the mountainous villages of Ky Son has bloomed, blooming in the dew and the branches of green branches.