7 check-in locations in Dalat that should not be missed out

Check-in location in Dalat: Da Lat city ​​- where there is no shortage of famous tourist sites, attracting a lot of tourists.!

Tinh Crossroads

Familiar on Tung Lam street, the sign of Love Cross has become a check-in stop in Da Lat that should not be ignored.

Although the road to here is quite difficult with the rugged, winding rocky roads, this place has a poetic scene of the pine forest. You will feel in harmony with nature, peaceful and extremely relaxing.

7 check-in locations in Da Lat - Ba Tinh crossroad

If you come to this Crossroads, do not forget to visit Ma Rung Lu Quan. With an extremely romantic setting, Ma Rung Lu Quan is currently an attractive destination for tourists in Da Lat, especially for young couples who love to explore the wild scenery.

Check-in location in Da Lat – Franciscaines Chapel

This place is covered with sedimentary dust of time. The chapel reflects the quiet, ghostly with windows bearing Gothic architecture. The dark corridor full of weeds, green moss-covered tiled roofs, etc make people like being lost in the Middle Ages. It is the ancient, graceful features that bring you indescribable romantic or vintage angles.

7 check-in locations in Da Lat - Franciscaines Chapel

Franciscaines chapel

Check-in location in Da Lat – Vinamilk Organic Milk Farm

This is considered as a check-in point in the emerging Da Lat, just about 35 km from the city center. It is said to be no different from a rural miniature Netherlands.

This is the first European organic dairy farm in Vietnam certified by Control Union (Netherlands). Here you can visit the dairy farm, learn about the organic milk production process or relax and take a shot with the beautiful natural scenery of the farm.

7 check-in locations in Dalat - Vinamilk Organic Milk Farm

Vinamilk Organic Milk Farm

Check-in location in Dalat – Xuan Huong lake

With an area of ​​about 25ha and a circumference of about 5km, Xuan Huong Lake Da Lat is shaped like a crescent moon lasting about 7km, illuminating the way for visitors to easily visit other typical attractions located along the direction. 

Ho Xuan Huong - Da Lat check-in location

Ho Xuan Huong is like the heart of the city. There is also a small Thuy Ta, lying on the lake’s calm surface all day and night.

Late afternoon, the lake surface is like a large mirror reflecting the sunset of a red sky. You should definitely not miss this sight.

Tuyet Tinh Coc Dalat

After the Tuyet Tinh Coc in Ninh Binh and Hai Phong, netizens continues to hunt for Tuyet Tinh Coc Dalat. Tuyet Tinh Coc Dalat is located in Suoi Can village, Lat commune, Lac Duong district, Lam Dong province.

check-in location in Da Lat

This place is an abandoned marble quarry. Around the lake are tall colorful cliffs. The special watercolor color is what makes people feel like being lost in a mesmerizing “love cup”.

Please do not shower no matter how good you swim. And do not litter to keep the landscape.

Windmill bakery

Located at the beginning of Hoa Binh street, the shop has a special name ” windmill “. This place also attracts many young people thanks to the yellow wall of the restaurant. Almost, anyone who has been to Da Lat has to check-in this special wall.

After only a few photos appeared on Facebook from May 2017, this bakery immediately became famous. Most people going to Da Lat also have to stop here to get commemorative photos.

7 check-in locations in Da Lat - Windmill bakery

Windmill bakery

In particular, the quality of the bread here is also highly appreciated. With only about 20,000 VND, you have a loaf of bread full of meat, crispy for the whole day wandering around Dalat .

XQ Su Quan

This is one of the spots for check-in photos in Dalat . “Village” has the look of an ancient Japan. This is the most famous embroidery village in Vietnam.

XQ Su Quan has oriental architecture with wooden houses. With ancient tiled roofs interwoven under the cherry blossoms in the campus of 12,000 square meters, this place will make you “mistaken” that you are in Japan, not Dalat.

7 check-in locations in Da Lat - XQ Su Quan

6 characteristic areas of XQ Su Quan include: embroidery display area; food court; resorts; area for honoring embroidery artists; a flower garden and installation art and an exhibition of embroidery history. All will give you the opportunity to learn about traditional Vietnamese embroidery as well as being lost in a bold “Japanese” space.

All of these places get visitors’ attention by the unique characteristics of each place.