7 airline secrets revealed that can change the feel of your flying

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Why must turn the lights off when the plane landing?

off the lights of inside planes
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Turning off lights as an airliner prepares to land to assist passengers to get acclimated to being in the dark in case of an emergency.

When a plane lands at night, the pilots frequently dim or turn off the lights in case passengers need to flee. This helps your eyes adjust to the darkness change and, as a result, you can see better outside.

The truth about oxygen masks on board

oxygen mask on plane
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When there is a problem with the plane, oxygen masks are automatically distributed to the passengers, and the amount of oxygen can only be maintained for roughly 15 minutes. This time, however, is plenty for pilots on flights to descend to lower altitudes where passengers may breathe normally.

Toilets can be unlock from the outside

toiletsa on plane
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Toilet on the plane usually hidden behind a locked side with no smoking signs. You just pick it up and push the latch to the side to unlock it.

Meals of pilots

pilots meals

Two pilots will be serving the meal completely differently and absolutely not be shared to avoid food poisoning cases.

Why must turn off electronic devices when the plane

off electronic devices on plane

Although electronic gadgets have no effect on the aircraft, they are inconvenient for pilots. Assume a plane is landing and hundreds of phone signal detectors are activated at the same time. Hearing the hiss will make the pilot feel uneasy.

It is best not to touch the water on the plane

water on plane
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Passengers are warned not to consume anything on board unless it is bottled water. The reason for this is that the waste from the toilet drain port and the water port on the plane are directly close to one other. Sometimes two streams of garbage and water are discharged from the same port.

Blankets and pillows on planes rarely washing

blankets and pillows on planes

After passengers are used, blankets and pillows just are folded and stored in compartments on the plane. And the dirtiest thing on the plane was the tray table, which should never be cleaned or sterilized.