6 popular coffee shops in Hoi An

Coming to Hoi An, all visitors are impressed by the ancient architecture, unique and vintage photo scene. There are also very famous cafes in Hoi An that everyone wants to visit once.

If you are planning to travel in Hoi An, please take note 6 popular coffee shops that Focus Asia Travel recommends below.

1. Hoi An Roastery

Hoi An Roastery – 135 Tran Phu is an ideal space for those who love the tranquility and want to slowly enjoy the beauty of Hoi An tourist area.

Like its name suggests, the Hoi An Roastery is an on-site roasted and ground coffee bar. Just stepping into the shop, the aroma of coffee can immediately attract visitors.

Nice cafe in Hoi An

Hoi An Roastery

The highlight of this place which is said to be a beautiful cafe in Hoi An is wooden trusses combined with unique ceiling lights stylized from bamboo bird cages.

The second floor of the Hoi An Roastery is designed with a balcony overlooking the street, decorated with small colorful lanterns.

What’s so wonderful when you can watch the sunset in Hoi Street and enjoy a cup of coffee in the melodious background.

This is really a great experience coming to Hoi An there.

2. Faifo Coffee 

Faifo Cafe is located at 130 Tran Phu Street.

The shop is built on a 2-storey house with classical design in harmony with Hoi’s architecture.

The space inside is extremely cozy and quiet, simply decorated in a neoclassical style that can make visitors fall in love at first sight.

Hoi An cafe

Faifo Hoi An Restaurant

3. Muoi Hoi An – a must-see cafe in Hoi An.

When you come to Hoi An without visiting Mot shop – a favorite cafe in Hoi An once, it is such a shame.

This is actually not a cafe but a shop selling drinks on the sidewalk of Tran Phu street. The shop is only open from mid-afternoon onwards, not selling all day like street vendors or other shops.

Mot Hoi An also creates its own brand with unique drinks, all of which are herbal teas that are both fragrant and strange, with added petals embedded in it.

Address: 150 Tran Phu.

Cafe in Hoi An

Mu Quan Hoi An

After a day of walking, eating the dishes of the Association, a cup of sweet and sour herbal tea with lemon and lemongrass scent will be the ideal drink to alleviate fatigue and be extremely good for health.

4. The Deck House – virtual live coffee in Hoi An

The Deck House is a cafe in Hoi An that attracts many domestic and foreign tourists to check-in.

Located on the romantic beach, the entire architecture of The Deck House is made from bamboo, wood, water coconut and water fern, creating a natural picture that is close to everyone.

With two main colors: white – blue, super eye-catching and sophisticated layout, The Deck House is definitely the address that cannot be missed if you are planning to go to Hoi An.

cafe in Hoi An

The Deckhouse Hoi An

This is a combination between the restaurant and the cafe, so coming here you can enjoy the traditional dishes with a rich sweet taste with Western cuisine.

5. Cocobox – a must-visit cafe in Hoi An.

This cafe in Hoi An is located at 94 Le Loi, built on a cafe concept combined with selling organic agricultural products – a business form that is quite popular in European countries.

cafe in Hoi An

Cocobox Hoi An

The main ingredient CocoBox is made of pure fresh coconut. You will enjoy a cup of coffee, drinks or natural fragrant desserts.

Hoi An cafe


The space here creates a unique in the heart of visitors.

6. The Chef – Hoi An cafe available on foody 

The special thing at this cafe in Hoi An – The Chef is located on the terrace.

It is brightly decorated with lanterns and sparkling outcrop. Standing from here, you will see the panoramic view of Hoi An with golden, flat tiled roofs in the sunset light of Hoi An. 

cafe in Hoi An

The chef Hoi An

The second floor of the shop is a place that serves coffee which is decorated quite eye-catching with dark wooden walls. You can drink coffee while chatting with friends, or reading books.

cafe in Hoi An

The address is located at 166 Tran Phu.