5 cozy cafes in Sapa

If you have the opportunity to set foot in Sa Pa in the early summer days, do not miss 5 cozy cafes in Sa Pa below. Focus Asia Travel ensures you will love it because you not only immerse yourself in the taste of coffee, but you can also comfortably relax in the romantic space of Sapa.

1. The Haven Sapa Camp Site

The haven Sapa Camp site

Located on the road leading to Cat Cat village, about 1.5 km from Sa Pa town, this cafe is famous for the angles that are most sought after by young people.

From here, you can watch with hidden terraced fields, Cat Cat village and majestic Hoang Lien Son range. Ordering colorful drinks with your friends, breathing the fresh air and relaxing after a long journey will be a great experience for you.

2. Fansipan Terrace Cafe & Homestay

Coffee shop in Sapa

Fansipan Terrace Cafe & Homestay

It is a “beautiful” place and very easy to find which is located in the heart of Sapa town, less than 1 km from Stone Church. Walking around watching the street and stopping here to order a cup of tea, you will feel a gentle and peaceful Sa Pa.

The shop is really suitable for those who like quietness. If you want to capture the whole moment of sunset and the last rays of sunlight shining on Fansipan, this place is absolutely the right choice.

3. La Dao Sapa & Coffee House

Coffee shop in Sapa

La Dao Spa & Coffee House

This unique cafe has its own beauty with rows of barbed wire, brick walls and wooden roofs. La Dao is closed beside the mountain and overlooks Muong Hoa stream. From La Dao, you can fully admire the charm of the Ta Van heaven and earth.

The space here is open, quiet and close to nature which is suitable for you to read your favorite books and have a peaceful moment with your loved one.

4. Gem Valley

Coffee shop in Sapa

Gem Valley

Before entering Cat Cat village, you can visit Gem Valley to drink tea and admire the peaceful romantic beauty here. The cafe in Sa Pa is nicely and elaborately decorated which has many artistic corners, antique display corners and the view down to the village. If you travel in the ripe rice season, looking down the scenery from Gem is nothing more wonderful.

The shop is also attracted by cute yellow cats and is close to all visitors. It is also a “familiar face” in many young people’s photos coming here.

5. The Hill Station

The Hill Station

Hill Station is located on Muong Hoa Street, the outstanding impression that the restaurant gives is a warm feeling. The shop has columns made of wooden pillars, slag brick walls and elegant, rustic design that makes visitors feel lost in an ancient stilt house.

The restaurant has two floors, each of which is suitable for you to freely check- in. 

Sapa tourism is no longer new to tourists, especially young people. Lost in the romantic space of Sapa, you can relax at the cafes in Sapa that Focus Asia Travel has shared with you. Hope you will have an enjoyable trip in Sapa !!!