10+ magical Dubai pictures at night show the city in science fiction film

With its magnificent structures, Dubai comes alive at night, giving travelers the sensation of being lost in a city from a science fiction film.


From a modest fishing town to a world-class destination in a short period of time, Dubai has experienced rapid growth. With the magnificent towers, roads intersected and interchanges emerged all over the city.

dubai-port-in dubai-city-at-night

Dubai port, where luxury boats are docked, is surrounded by dazzling structures that glow in different colors. Visitors will feel as though they are in a future planet while standing high above and looking down.


Skyline view from Dubai harbor can reveal the huge scale of the buildings.


This scene looks no different like in the sci-fi film Blade Runner.


Buildings in Dubai’s central district, as well as many others, are now under development.


The metropolitan panorama becomes magnificent at night, in the sparkling brilliant light, and it gives the impression that the metropolis never sleeps.


Even with the beautiful sunset, the city has its own mystique.


The Khalifa Tower, the highest skyscraper in the world (829.8 meters), is the focal point and one of the most recognizable symbols of Dubai’s ambition.


The view of the whole ciy is lit up at night.


Khalifa looks like a structure in a sci-fi film.

The photos are from the Dutch photographer Albert Dros.