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A community of travellers that is forever growing and that stays at the heart of everything we do. Friends, couples and single travellers, our passengers come from all walks of life and they have one thing in common: they love to travel and want more than just a package holiday.

We love to your feedback which continues to shape everything we do, from our itineraries, choice of hotels, as well as constantly reminding us of what we love about travel and Asia.

Through our online community you can stay in touch with Travel Indochina, stay connected with other travellers from your journey and meet other travellers you may soon be travelling with.

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We love to share our travellers' experiences in Asia. Let us know about your trip, so we can share it with our community, and you can help future travellers to enjoy the wonders of Asia too. Send us your story through our online enquiry form and we'll be back in touch quick snap!