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Financial protection

Travel Compensation Fund (TCF)

As a licensed travel agent in New South Wales we are required by law to participate in the Travel Compensation Fund (TCF). With our TCF protection you can book your holiday with total peace of mind. In the highly unlikely event of our financial insolvency, you can submit a claim to the Travel Compensation Fund if we have failed to account for money you paid for travel arrangements and the loss is not covered by your travel insurance.

You are entitled to claim up to AU$ 25,000 which was not paid to the service provider or not refunded to you. It is possible to claim more than this amount but there is an additional approval process. The Travel Compensation Fund does not cover the financial loss caused by the non-performance of a travel service principal such as and airline, coach operator, hotel or car rental agency.

The Travel Compensation Fund also monitors the financial health of licensed travel agents to ensure that only companies with sufficient financial resources trade TCF compliant. The Northern Territory is the only Australia State/Territory that does not take part in the TCF.

For further information please refer to the TCF website.